Ctess Krystyna Maria Wilczek PhD
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Our duty is to survive (Humanity). We can survive only in a peace condition. The United States even with the best intentions cannot unilaterally solve problems.

My proposal is to create an international organisation of military leaders to ptomote and guarantee peace for the entire world.

Organisation Objectives:

  • Prevention of Conflicts
  • Prevention of Wars.
  • Employment of military resources for space exploration, to raise the intellectual potential of humanity.

The current state of international politics demonstrates that there are growing conflicts that demand the creation of a new, competitive international organisation with the aim of guaranteeing world peace. The realisation of such an organisation is a matter of the highest priority, and I look forward to the opportunity to discuss this with you as soon as possible. In the Twenfy-First century we must aspire to reach a higher level of civilisation and culture.

Krystyna Maria Wilczek

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