St. Sulpice Church, Paris Fresco by Eugene Delacroix The angel, the creative force, wins against the destructive one

Dear Sirs and Mesdames,

The geopolitical situation calls for the creation of an International Organisation that would be a Guarantee of Peace for the Entire World.

I have conducted research in many countries, which have had a strategy of conflict. And I have come  to the conclusion that the optimal solution to all problems is the creation of an International Organisation of Military Leaders to Guarantee World Peace. NATO will form an integral part of this Organisation, whose objectives shall be the prevention of conflicts and wars, and the employment of the military resources for space exploration to raise the intellectual potential of humanity.

The Organisation will be created democratically. Military Leaders will set forth conflict strategies and the choices and consequences that are the history of nations. After a Congress, the Organisation will be created officially. Royalty, Heads of States and Government and Presidents will be invited as guests of honour. The Congress will conclude with a Peace Ball.

The film War and Peace, from the book by Leo Tolstoy about the Napoleonic War in Russia

The film War and Peace, from the book by Leo Tolstoy about the Napoleonic War in Russia

War and Peace, the Russian version, directed by Sergei Bondarchuk

The above is an outline of the project. In order to bring about the formation of this Organisation most effectively, I would like to solicit your help with, and possible financial support for, my work.

It is very important in the light of present-day world events that a World Peace Organisation such as the one I have proposed be formed rapidly and efficiently.

I would be very happy to meet you to discuss the particulars, in order to establish Committee Membership for the Congress. Areas of discussion would also include the concept of a Peace Bank to help countries develop following conflicts or catastrophes.

Yours truly

Krystyna Maria Wilczek